Riviera Plugin Updated to v. 1.3.0a

Had a chance over the weekend to update the free Riviera plugin with an improved GUI, new stereo functions, and maintenance fixes.  Enjoy! Features for v. 1.3.0: New GUI! Added gain, stereo mid-side width, and left/right phase offset controls Smoother transition for mix knob Flush buffers/retriggers when reset within patterns/tracks Fixed possible crash in FLStudio when notify… Read More Riviera Plugin Updated to v. 1.3.0a

Aeko Plugin Updated to v. 1.2.0

Another feature update for the Aeko plugin, adding some controls for post delay-line effects. Added 8 post-processing/pre-distortion filters (low/high pass, low/high resonant, low/high 3 octave resonant, low/high tilt resonant) under the Dist. menu Added 4 more distortion modes (Mid+, Dark+, Warm+, Cold+) and gain/loss options to the Force menu Boosted harmonics in Force: Cold 25… Read More Aeko Plugin Updated to v. 1.2.0

Muze Plugin Updated to v. 1.1.6

Updated the Muze plugin to version 1.1.6, adding a sixth reverb algorithm called Osmose to the selection. New Features: Osmose: A detuned & underwater reverb effect for creating smooth to tense, dreamy to eerie pads. Added retriggers for flushing buffers and LFOs when pause/play in tracks Anti-aliasing source indicators Added 10+ more presets Past customers can download… Read More Muze Plugin Updated to v. 1.1.6