Common questions that we’ve gotten in the past. Below are our typical responses.

Q. How do I update a plugin?
A. Customers can download the most recent version of a plugin from either the original link in their email receipt or alternatively from the Fastspring dashboard.

Q: I entered my key but the plugin didn’t register it.
A: After entering the key into the file, be sure to save the file!

Q. How do presets work?
A. The plugins use factory-presets which are accessed according to your DAW’s interface or alternatively through the GUI browser.

Q: Does the CC license extend to plugins?
A: Nope. Plugins have separate EULAs for commercialization ease. The creative commons license only covers the scope of blog entries.

Q. Do you do discounts and sales?
A. We strive to produce the highest quality plugins at reasonable costs. To cover development expenses without compromising consistency, feature sets, and past customers, all of our products remain the same price year-round.