Muze Plugin Updated to v. 1.1.2

Unleash the Twister! Our third reverb algorithm for the Muze plugin!


New features / changes

  • Twister is an amplitude-delay modulation effect for mixing sound reflections into washy reverb tails
    • Create whoosh sounds, chorus/buzz/swarm, and wind effects
    • Rate, depth, wind controls are automatable
  • Enabled pan knob for Lime when spatialization is disabled
  • Added icons for Lime early reflection patterns
  • Extended reverb algorithm descriptions in manual
  • Added 10+ more presets

Release notes:
v. 1.1.2a
-Fixed FLStudio automation clip-GUI parameter change deadlock (No longer need to disable “Notify about parameter change” setting)

Muze Plugin Updated to v. 1.1.1

The next iteration of the Muze plugin is live! Screen shot and workflow video below:


New features / changes

  • Added new echo-blender reverb algorithm (second of nine) and selector for changing modes (see GUI + manual for details)
  • Sound-sources are now draggable in XY plane in sound-stage
  • Right-click on sound-source toggles mute button
  • Enable wrap-around mouse wheel scrolling on source and orientation knobs
  • Forum link added to top right
  • Lower left displays registered user name only
  • Added 10 new presets

Those who have already purchased can update their full version via their Fastspring link (if you were a beta-tester, contact us). The demo links have also been updated.

Release notes:
v. 1.1.1
-Fixed crash on certain mac DAWs when switching between reverb modes
-Added version numbering to upper-right corner