Aeko Plugin Updated to v. 1.2.0

aeko_screen3Another feature update for the Aeko plugin, adding some controls for post delay-line effects.

  • Added 8 post-processing/pre-distortion filters (low/high pass, low/high resonant, low/high 3 octave resonant, low/high tilt resonant) under the Dist. menu
  • Added 4 more distortion modes (Mid+, Dark+, Warm+, Cold+) and gain/loss options to the Force menu
  • Boosted harmonics in Force: Cold
  • 25 more presets

Customers can download the most recent version from either the original link in their email receipt or alternatively from the Fastspring dashboard.

Aeko Plugin Updated to v. 1.1.0

Updated the Aeko plugin with some new functionality, features, and minor fixes.


  • Added 6 selectable distortion functions under the Force menu
  • Anti-aliased all distortion functions
  • Added DC blocking
  • Smoother transition with the mix knob
  • Added 10 more presets

Plus a bonus video tutorial 🙂

Muze Plugin Updated to v. 1.1.6

Updated the Muze plugin to version 1.1.6, adding a sixth reverb algorithm called Osmose to the selection.


New Features:

  • Osmose: A detuned & underwater reverb effect for creating smooth to tense, dreamy to eerie pads.
  • Added retriggers for flushing buffers and LFOs when pause/play in tracks
  • Anti-aliasing source indicators
  • Added 10+ more presets

Aeko: 3D Dub/Delay/Reverb


Aeko is a Dub/Delay/Reverb plugin (VST/AU) that integrates a multi-effect feedback delay-line architecture with a 3D binaural far/near field panner. Motivated by the human ear’s abilities to separate sound-sources beyond traditional 2D stereo fields, Aeko turns simple samples and short loops into rich sequences arranged in both the 3D acoustic field and time. Eight fully customizable feedback delay-lines drive the source signal into separate point-sources placeable on an interactive spherical sound-stage, supporting both Head-related Transfer Function (HRTF) models and panning modes, interaural delay-free/neutral/elongated variants, and point-source spread/force controls.


  • Equalizers: High/low cut, resonator, and dampening filters produce lo-fi to reverb-like decay effects.
  • Modulation Morph: Delay-line modulation produces frequency-echo effects morphable into a 12 semi-tone pitch-shifter.
  • Transient Processor: Adjustable envelope follower culls attack and release signal components, turning loops into quick snaps and smooth waves.
  • Soft Clipper: Over-driven feedback gain produce distortion buildup effects with a hardness adjustable clipper.
  • Fuser: Two stage component adds reflections to create swell and blur effects.
  • Reverb Morph:  Independent feedback delay-lines can be cross-mixed / swirled into creating reverb and shimmer effects.
  • Overdrive: 10 distortion functions to choose from.
  • Post-Filters: Low/High pass, resonant, 3-octave, and tilt variants.
  • Tempo-Sync: Freely adjustable delay-line lengths can be synced with quarter, dotted, and triplet notes / DAW’s BPM.
  • Parameter Linking: Delay-line effect processors can be linked to shared parameters or unlinked for independent modification.
  • Spherical Sound Stage: Interactive GUI places/moves/toggles delay-line point-sources.
  • 3D Panner Modes: Supports far/near field HRTF based models at all sampling rates and panning mode for loudspeaker setups.
  • VU Meter: Watch those beats hit
  • Free updates!
  • 100+ Presets to get you started

Samples (Use headphones for best effect!)

Demo & Specifications

  • Windows 7+: VST2 Win32 + x64, SSE2 enabled processor
  • Mac OSX 10.7+: VST2/AU, SSE2 enabled processor
  • Download Link (Brief silence every 30 sec)
  • Alternative Link


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