Muze: 3D Mixer/Binaural Reverb Plugin (Beta)

Muze is multi-purpose VST/AU reverb plugin that combines a 3D audio mixer with a high quality binaural near & far field model. The mixer allows for tight control over the early spatial impression of your sound-sources while psychoacoustic models add essential directional cues to help localize the sound. Good externalization or depth is achieved with our reverb design that integrates with the binaural cues, giving appropriate contrast for the early spatial impression to sit in.

Muze supports up to 9 channels with interactive graphical controls for each sound-source in a single instance.  Direct sound-sources have separate processing paths that come together within the shared reverb component. Create wide impressions by routing a source signal onto multiple channels. Up-mix mono sources into stereo/binaural. Virtualize 5.1+ to headphones by placing virtual speakers on the sound-stage. Switch to the panning mode for speaker setups.

The plugin is in closed beta (Windows 7+ x64, VST2, Mac VST2/AU) and we are looking for several testers with keen ears to evaluate and give us feedback. Contact us if you’re interested along with something about yourself and we’ll supply you with further details.

Sound Samples:

  • Vocals by the talented Stephanie Kay (Stars Collide): Dry first, followed by alternating rotations along yaw and pitch axes for no-verb, no-verb near-field, small room, hall, diffuse hall, and cave
  • Jazz instrumental by Maurizio Pagnutti (All The Gin Is Gone’ & ‘Bess): Spinning around 9 instruments!
  • Loopy spatial effects!
  • Experiments! 

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