Muze Plugin Updated to v. 1.1.3

Updated the Muze plugin to version 1.1.3, adding a fourth reverb algorithm called Indigo to the selection.


New Features:

  • Indigo: A shimmer & frequency-echo reverb effect for adding both harmonically rich transpositions and inharmonic distortions into your mix.
  • Pitch-Shift and slider knobs control one-octave transposition range and carrier frequency per step.
  • Echo knob controls the diffusion rate of reflections between steps.
  • Minor performance improvements in Reverb-Twister.
  • Minor icon change to Reverb-Lime patterns.
  • Added 10+ more presets

Maintenance patch v. 1.1.3a
-Fixed random project startup crash in FLStudio if reverb set to Indigo
-Leveled off shimmer when pitch-shift nears 0 in Reverb-Indigo

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