Zephyr Hotfix Update v. 1.0.4

Zephyr hotfix update: v. 1.0.4 -Added support for more channel configurations across DAWs v. 1.0.3 -Added support for Logic AU (all output configurations except 16 channel AmbiX output) v. 1.0.2 -Fixed flipped front-back for all surround output modes. v. 1.0.1 -Fixed possible crash when changing DAW latency whilst having an active sound-field visualization -Fixed AU verification… Read More Zephyr Hotfix Update v. 1.0.4

Zephyr: Ambisonics Binaural/Surround Reverb

Zephyr is a 3D audio binaural/surround reverb plugin based in higher-order Ambisonics (HOA), a speaker-independent format for representing 3D sound-fields suited for spatial audio systems. By designing an algorithmic reverb that operates directly in the Ambisonics domain, Zephyr extends the immersive quality and control of binaural and surround systems, parameterizing important spatial cues of early… Read More Zephyr: Ambisonics Binaural/Surround Reverb