Riviera Plugin Updated to v. 1.3.0a

Had a chance over the weekend to update the free Riviera plugin with an improved GUI, new stereo functions, and maintenance fixes.  Enjoy! Features for v. 1.3.0: New GUI! Added gain, stereo mid-side width, and left/right phase offset controls Smoother transition for mix knob Flush buffers/retriggers when reset within patterns/tracks Fixed possible crash in FLStudio when notify… Read More Riviera Plugin Updated to v. 1.3.0a

Riviera: Hyper-Room Reverb

Riviera is a hybrid algorithmic-convolution reverb plugin for modeling specular acoustic reflections in N-dimensional orthotopes. e.g. string, plate, room, tesseract, and up (vooms or volume+room for short). Normally, direct computation in these spaces is expensive but some clever maths [see tutorial (parts 1, 2, 3, 4)] reduced the asymptotic costs to the point of practical use (e.g. a… Read More Riviera: Hyper-Room Reverb