Zephyr: Ambisonics Binaural/Surround Reverb

Zephyr is a 3D audio binaural/surround reverb plugin based in higher-order Ambisonics (HOA), a speaker-independent format for representing 3D sound-fields suited for spatial audio systems. By designing an algorithmic reverb that operates directly in the Ambisonics domain, Zephyr extends the immersive quality and control of binaural and surround systems, parameterizing important spatial cues of early… Read More Zephyr: Ambisonics Binaural/Surround Reverb

Muze Plugin Updated to v. 1.1.2

Unleash the Twister! Our third reverb algorithm for the┬áMuze plugin! New features / changes Twister is an amplitude-delay modulation effect for mixing sound reflections into washy reverb tails Create whoosh sounds, chorus/buzz/swarm, and wind effects Rate, depth, wind controls are automatable Enabled pan knob for Lime when spatialization is disabled Added icons for Lime early… Read More Muze Plugin Updated to v. 1.1.2